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Summer 2017 OEF Grants Awarded

Summer 2017 Grants

Olentangy Business Academy

T-shirt printing equipment to produce spirit wear and allow an ACT, OASIS and DECA student self-run business program.

OOMS Outdoor Learning Spaces Construction Project
*Partially funded by a grant from Jane & Bryan Martin through the Delaware County Foundation

Construction and design elements for a larger, outdoor learning space renovation.

Creating an Innovative and Future Ready Makerspace

Technology and funds to create a STEM Makerspace innovative space. At the core, these areas are places for making, collaborating, learning and sharing.

Sound System Improvement for the Marching Pioneers

Portable sound system to help with effective instructution during marching rehearsal and benefiting entire OOHS.

Arts Collaboration through 21st Century Learning

Technical equipment to support art and music project-based K-5 students reflecting cultural heritages.

Learning Reimagined

Tables and stools to support the ongoing project and funds of renovating an atrium space to a larger learning space.

Library Media Center Renovations and Updates

Movable furniture to support continued efforts and funding for a 21st Century Skills collaborative library.

Modeling Kinematics with Robots

Programmable robots for teaching kinematics to Physics students.

SMART LightRaise Interactive Projector for the Orchestra Room

LightRaise projector and cables to allow differentiated instruction for music and orchestra students.

Increasing the Four C’s with “Breakout Box” Lessons

Breakout box kits, reflection cards for students to work collaboratively while problem solving. For all students, including gifted.

Olentangy Orange “The Juice” TV – 2017 Upgrade

Equipment upgrades for the OOHS Broadcast Journalism class for producing daily news shows.

Mindful-based Yoga and Stress Management

Yoga mats, portable PA system, storage boxes provided for a student wellness program.

Congratulations to all the recipients. This year almost $41,000 was awarded to high schools, middle schools and elementary schools all around the district.

OEF 2015-16 Grant Application Now Available! (5/1/15)

Each year, the Foundation accepts applications from any staff menber within the district wishing to enhance the education programs. The Foundation evaluates all applications in June and recommends the proposals that best reflect innovative programs to enhance the academic excellence in Olentangy Schools.

Grant awards from previous years can be viewed in the Funding History section of our website.


  • Click HERE for a PDF version of the 2015-16 OEF Grant Application
  • Click HERE for a MS Word version of the 2015-16 Grant Application
  • The deadline for applications for the 2015-16 school year is Friday, May 29, 2015

In 2014, $40,000 in grants were awared.  Click HERE to see descriptions of the 2014-15 Grant Awards!

Olentangy Education Foundation 2014-2015 Grant Awards

award-161090_1280 (1)Congratulations to all the grant recipients.

Technology for Diverse Learners
The use of iPads will benefit ELL and SLC language learners during group lessons and will provide small group differentiated instruction opportunities.

Chromebooks for World Language
Twenty Chromebooks are being used in Spanish 3, 4, and AP classes in order to increase the levels of proficiency (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), cultural competency, 21st century skills, and college and career readiness.

i3STEM Innovation Lab
 The Innovation Lab provides 8th grade students who select the i3STEM course with an immersive learning experience in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math through engineering challenges and investigations.

Blended Learning Communities
The goal of this project is to significantly increase student achievement by offering small group instruction at each student’s level with the classroom teacher and individualized online instruction through the use of carefully selected online curriculum programs delivered by Chromebooks.

Books to Go
The ASUS computer purchase for this project supports the installation of a “mini-branch” of the Delaware County District Library. The mini-branch is a touch screen kiosk that allows students, staff, and community members to explore the Delaware County District Public Library’s digital collection of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks.

Look Who’s Talking: An Opportunity for Nonverbal Preschoolers
The project implements the use of Words for Life using Language Acquisition through the Motor Planning app on iPads to increase communication opportunities and success in the preschool classroom with students who are severely delayed or have no verbal communication.

Standing Up for Success
Standing desks are used to increase student focus, achievement, and overall well-being by offering students the opportunity to stand up in the classroom.

CAD and Engineering 3D Printer
The purchase of a MakerBot 3D printer allows students to create three-dimensional models of their designed work similar to how design firms and manufacturers create models in almost every major industry. 

Creating, Composing, and Arranging with iPads
The iPads and apps purchases allow for an extensive exploration of music creating, composing, and arranging using iPads. Students will also improve their note reading and rhythm writing skills and improve their understanding of the role of technology in music composition.

Making Vocabulary and Grammar Engaging with Apple TVs and iPads
The iPad and LCD projector purchased with the grant are being used with Apple TVs to better engage students in vocabulary acquisition and the study of both grammar and usage.

iPads for Performing Arts
The two iPads purchased with this grant provide an opportunity for Performing Arts teachers to stream web-based assessments and applications to Apple TVs and monitors in choir and instrumental classrooms.

Outdoor Alternative Kilns
The purchase of a Raku kiln and other materials provides students with opportunities to explore alternative firings and to expose students to new techniques (decoration and firing), materials (clay bodies, glazes, combustibles), and information (chemistry, art history, aesthetics) while expanding on previous knowledge of clay, kiln, and glaze processes.

Olentangy FIRST Robotics Club
This grant assists the Olentangy FRC with registration fees for the March 2015, Buckeye Regional competition in Cleveland, Ohio. The mission of O3-Zone robotics is to provide students in the OLSD community an educational opportunity to use state-of-the-art programming, fabrication, electronics, and design skills in a team environment through competitive robotics.

Guided Math Stations
Guided Math Stations provide students with the opportunity to continually review concepts at an individualized pace which maximizes instructional time and overall student success. The stations are fun, innovative, self-checking products that are designed to create a desire to learn through purposeful practice aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Inquiry in the AP Environmental Science Classroom
The AP Environmental Science Lab kits are being used to facilitate the integration of inquiry-based learning into the laboratory experience for AP Environmental Science students, to enhance critical thinking skills, and practice integrating math/analytical thinking through the collection and interpretation of student-collected data.

LightRaise for the Orchestra Classroom
The LightRaise interactive projector provides the opportunity to immerse students in all aspects of music and music performance.

Human Relationships Infant Simulator Project
Through Human Relationships course, infant simulators provide an authentic learning experience for students to observe as well experience the demands of taking care of an infant.

Revolutionizing the Classroom with 3D Printing
The purchase of a MakerBot 3D printer allows students to create 3D objects after designing them in AutoCAD or Solidworks. The technology enables students to test the aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional properties of their designs with solid rather than a virtual model.

Engaging Students with Special Needs in the High School Classroom
Ten Chromebooks are being used in the special needs classroom to help students further develop their 21st century learning skills and to increase the time the students are engaged in learning.