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2017 “Spirit of Olentangy Community Night”: Online Registration Is Closed, Walk-Ins Welcome & Encouraged!

Olentangy Education Foundation’s 9th Annual “Spirit of Olentangy” Community Night!

Saturday, March 4, 2017


The Shops At Worthington Place





We hope you will gather your friends and join us for a great night in support of OEF’s mission to enhance academic excellence in the Olentangy schools.  All proceeds fund teacher grants for innovative programs that are not covered by the schools system budget and up to nine scholarships for graduating seniors in the three Olentangy High Schools.

Since 2001, OEF has distributed $650,000 in teacher grants and scholarships.



  • Appetizers from local restaurants
  • Beverages available for purchase
  • Casino Style Game Tables
  • Silent Auction: Electronic/Mobile Auction
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • Door Prize Drawings For Casino Winnings
  • Live Entertainment by The McCartney Project, featuring the same incredible musicians from previous events!
  • Designer Purse Bingo is better than ever!
  • Click HERE to see all of our sponsors!



17th Annual Golf Outing Nets $14,000 In Support of OEF’s Mission

14519799_1184267254965725_5690576967917606343_nOn Monday, October 3rd, 84 golfers enjoyed perfect weather and a great day of community connection in support of the OEF’s mission to enhance academic excellence in the Olentangy Schools.

The 17th annual event featured a cookout 14479521_1184269371632180_7094015263293940995_nbuffet lunch, 18 hole scramble with post-event reception and silent auction at The Lakes Golf & Country Club.  OLSD teacher, Robyn Howard, also shared how the grant she received from OEF has impacted her 5th grade class at Glen Oak Elementary.  OEF also welcomed PTO Presidents from all of the schools to  a pre-event lunch to  share the organization’s mission and vision.

Click HERE for a copy of the event program which recognizes all sponsors and participants.

We are grateful to our sponsors and participants who helped to generate over $14,000 in net proceeds.

A very special thank you to our Presenting Sponsor for the 5th consecutive year!

14581417_1184270648298719_2927789432174540832_n14446013_1184271511631966_4005472266429670055_n14570351_1184269454965505_6991190696779753311_n 14495503_1184269151632202_366785556319662813_n14470480_1184271274965323_7961001795954353494_n14572806_1184269264965524_5816520000577405549_n14581457_1184270701632047_209085309376544813_n14581455_1184264334966017_713501750618601977_n 14563415_1184271251631992_8762840396058981463_n 14523027_1184264768299307_3733396362889600590_n14520472_1184272391631878_4447550517035579508_n14470479_1184272358298548_1615693520847900484_n14572924_1184264571632660_3037545258222068243_nOEF_Cover_GolfOuting2016-214484617_1184264501632667_3391102922105957192_n





It’s Not Too Late! Register Now For The 17th Annual OEF Golf Outing (Monday, October 3, 2016 at The Lakes Golf & Country Club)

It’s not too late to support the Olentangy Education Foundation at our 17th Annual Golf Outing to be held on Monday, October 3, 2016 at The Lakes Golf & Country Club.  Another great day of golf and community connection is planned in support of OEF’s mission to enhance academic excellence in the Olentangy Schools.  Since 2001, almost $650,000 in teacher grants and scholarships have been distributed as a result of your generous support.

The outing includes locker and range access, a pre-event cookout lunch, 18 hole scramble format on one of Central Ohio’s finest private courses, on-course beverages, prizes for the top teams and on course contests, and a post-event reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Individual golfers are welcome!  This is a great opportunity to make new connections and enjoy a great day in support of OEF!

If you have questions or need additional information, please respond to this e-mail or contact any of the OEF event committee members listed below. We hope to see you on October 3rd!

OEF Golf Committee

Jim Waters, jwaters@superkickcolumbus.com614-264-2244

Kathy Perry, katharineaperry@gmail.com614-537-4685

Megan Moorhead, megmoorhead@gmail.com614-507-9194

Sarah Rupp, sarahrupp74@yahoo.com804-201-3564


17th Annual OEF Golf Outing

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Lakes Golf & Country Club

  • 11:00AM: Registration Opens & Lunch Served & Range Open
  • 12:30PM: Shotgun Start
  • Conclusion of Play: Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres, Reception,Silent Auction & Awards Presentation


Click HERE to see the 2015 event program!


Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Staff Commendation Recipients

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s OEF Staff Commendation Program!

We received 284 commendations and over $8,000 in donations – all directly benefitting the Olentangy students and staff. These dollars go toward student scholarships and teacher grants, awarded by the Olentangy Education Foundation annually.
Congratulations to the following recipients of commendations:


Tim Beard Administrative Personnel / Central Office
Abby Devito Alum Creek ES
Allison Helline Alum Creek ES
Amber Buckner Alum Creek ES
Anne Ernst Alum Creek ES
Cheryl Kletrovetz Alum Creek ES
Erin Scaltreto Alum Creek ES
Jacob Legros Alum Creek ES
Jennifer Lueth Alum Creek ES
Karen Bradbury Alum Creek ES
Kimberly White Alum Creek ES
Meghan Anderson Alum Creek ES
Michele Button Alum Creek ES
Ronna Walker Alum Creek ES
Teresa Goins Alum Creek ES
Bethany Shondell Arrowhead ES
Claire Rohda Arrowhead ES
Heidi Mcdowell Arrowhead ES
Jill Kendall Arrowhead ES
Katie Bucco Arrowhead ES
Sara Keaney Arrowhead ES
Jody Biggins Cheshire ES
Shannon Metzger Cheshire ES
Amy Bova Freedom Trail ES
Cari Morgan Freedom Trail ES
Catherine Raiff Freedom Trail ES
Christine Defenbaugh Freedom Trail ES
Julie Gosdanian Freedom Trail ES
Kristin Heins Freedom Trail ES
Lauren Wilson Freedom Trail ES
Michael Amborski Freedom Trail ES
Stephen Sargent Freedom Trail ES
Terri Siebert Freedom Trail ES
Carrie Beals Glen Oak ES
Amy Honigford Heritage ES
Jessica Livelsberger Heritage ES
Lisa Simila Heritage ES
Sarah Mccloskey Heritage ES
Amanda Brown Indian Springs ES
Andrea Berrigan Indian Springs ES
Ashley Deck Indian Springs ES
Katheryn Shough Indian Springs ES
Kathleen Jones Indian Springs ES
Paul Thompson Indian Springs ES
Rebecca Harey Indian Springs ES
Sondra Petrelle Indian Springs ES
Amy Galloway Johnnycake Corners ES
Karri Benham Johnnycake Corners ES
Karrina Lynch Johnnycake Corners ES
Krista Hyme Johnnycake Corners ES
Lisa Middleton Johnnycake Corners ES
Loretta Kane Johnnycake Corners ES
Theodore Burson Johnnycake Corners ES
Amber Condit Liberty Tree ES
Angela Anderson Liberty Tree ES
Christina Fisher Liberty Tree ES
Debbie Knost Liberty Tree ES
Jennifer Arbona Liberty Tree ES
Kimberlee Vedder Liberty Tree ES
Lesley Hunyadi Liberty Tree ES
Lindsay Gunther Liberty Tree ES
Molly Kroger Liberty Tree ES
Tera Whitmore Liberty Tree ES
Abby Francik Oak Creek ES
Christine Naylor Oak Creek ES
Elizabeth Westhoven Oak Creek ES
Emily Bice Oak Creek ES
Jaclyn Tilden Oak Creek ES
Katherine Bigley Oak Creek ES
Meaghan Foster Oak Creek ES
Natalie Sekula Oak Creek ES
Pamela Nicholson Oak Creek ES
Chelsea Eismon Olentangy Academy / OASIS
Kaylee Jones Olentangy Academy / OASIS
Kelsey Marlow Olentangy Academy / OASIS
Margaret Breckner Olentangy Academy / OASIS
Martin Boden Olentangy Academy / OASIS
Michael Picetti Olentangy Academy / OASIS
Trevor Glew Olentangy Academy / OASIS
Emma Henkle Olentangy Berkshire MS
Jill Macko Olentangy Berkshire MS
Justin Emrich Olentangy Berkshire MS
Kaylee Konkolewski Olentangy Berkshire MS
Laurie Preston Olentangy Berkshire MS
Mike Weaver Olentangy Berkshire MS
Mike Weaver Olentangy Berkshire MS
Spencer Murphy Olentangy Berkshire MS
Adetola Sanusi Olentangy HS
Amy Poston Olentangy HS
Elaine Humes Olentangy HS
Jamie Match Olentangy HS
Lauren Sauer Olentangy HS
Sarah Zettler Olentangy HS
Zachary Peterson Olentangy HS
Heidi Yang Olentangy Hyatts MS
Mark Rose Olentangy Hyatts MS
Michele Voge Olentangy Hyatts MS
Nathan Mitch Olentangy Hyatts MS
Rebecca Sloan Olentangy Hyatts MS
Wendy Deroy Olentangy Hyatts MS
Abby Underman Olentangy Liberty HS
Alessandra Zahran Olentangy Liberty HS
Anders Johansen Olentangy Liberty HS
Angela Rafey Olentangy Liberty HS
Barbara Osborne Olentangy Liberty HS
Bobbie Sisko Olentangy Liberty HS
Brian Lindow Olentangy Liberty HS
Britany Thompson Olentangy Liberty HS
Christa Overbeck Olentangy Liberty HS
Christopher Moore Olentangy Liberty HS
Cyndie Salupo Olentangy Liberty HS
Daniel Counts Olentangy Liberty HS
Daniel Juday Olentangy Liberty HS
Darin Meeker Olentangy Liberty HS
David Hale Olentangy Liberty HS
David Rathje Olentangy Liberty HS
Derek Burtch Olentangy Liberty HS
Elizabeth Alejandro Olentangy Liberty HS
Emily Kriss Olentangy Liberty HS
Eric Gregg Olentangy Liberty HS
Grant Gilsdorf Olentangy Liberty HS
Haley Fannon Olentangy Liberty HS
James Dingus Olentangy Liberty HS
Jared Mills Olentangy Liberty HS
Jenna Purlee Olentangy Liberty HS
Jennifer Crew Olentangy Liberty HS
Jill Bixler Olentangy Liberty HS
John Sansbury Olentangy Liberty HS
Jonathan Scherner Olentangy Liberty HS
Josh Holt Olentangy Liberty HS
Julie Burke Olentangy Liberty HS
Kate Ross Olentangy Liberty HS
Katrina Ellis Olentangy Liberty HS
Kevin Rush Olentangy Liberty HS
Kevin Streib Olentangy Liberty HS
Laura Risaliti Olentangy Liberty HS
Laura Swetnam Olentangy Liberty HS
Lisa Saiben Olentangy Liberty HS
Magda Silvestri Olentangy Liberty HS
Mark Greve Olentangy Liberty HS
Melissa Hughes Olentangy Liberty HS
Michael Cimaglia Olentangy Liberty HS
Mike Rees Olentangy Liberty HS
Mike Rees Olentangy Liberty HS
Nichole Crothers Olentangy Liberty HS
Nickolas Rubesich Olentangy Liberty HS
Nicole Moore Olentangy Liberty HS
Rick Sedlacek Olentangy Liberty HS
Robert Bergamesca Olentangy Liberty HS
Robert Griffiths Olentangy Liberty HS
Rodney Flory Olentangy Liberty HS
Ron Waterwash Olentangy Liberty HS
Ryan Snivley Olentangy Liberty HS
Sarah Saneholtz Olentangy Liberty HS
Shawn Gray Olentangy Liberty HS
William Warfield Olentangy Liberty HS
Abby_Buckerfield Olentangy Liberty MS
Andrew Thiele Olentangy Liberty MS
Charles Moushey Olentangy Liberty MS
Holly Washington Olentangy Liberty MS
Jason Adams Olentangy Liberty MS
Jason Durell Olentangy Liberty MS
Kelsey Liu Olentangy Liberty MS
Kyle Laughrey Olentangy Liberty MS
Lesli Davison Olentangy Liberty MS
Lisa Nichols Olentangy Liberty MS
Mary Bischoff Olentangy Liberty MS
Nancy Freese Olentangy Liberty MS
Nathaniel Cikach Olentangy Liberty MS
Rebecca Kardas Olentangy Liberty MS
Tom Waterwash Olentangy Liberty MS
Wendy Irvin Olentangy Liberty MS
Brandie Baker Olentangy Meadows ES
Hilary Dunham Olentangy Meadows ES
Jessica Boyle Olentangy Meadows ES
Marjorie Harris Olentangy Meadows ES
Michelle Applebaum Olentangy Meadows ES
Stacy Warner Olentangy Meadows ES
Amanda Mccleary Olentangy Orange HS
Andrea Vescelius Olentangy Orange HS
Anthony Calo Olentangy Orange HS
Claudia Wade Olentangy Orange HS
Debra Harry Olentangy Orange HS
Heather Lantz Olentangy Orange HS
Jessica Timmons Olentangy Orange HS
John Jordan Olentangy Orange HS
Kevin Guse Olentangy Orange HS
Laurie Repko Olentangy Orange HS
Marc Zirille Olentangy Orange HS
Martin Crosbie Olentangy Orange HS
Matthew Rutherford Olentangy Orange HS
Stuart Hartenstein Olentangy Orange HS
Terence Mcdermott Olentangy Orange HS
David Porterfield Olentangy Orange MS
Janelle Spoltman Olentangy Orange MS
Jessica Walker Olentangy Orange MS
Kyle Findley Olentangy Orange MS
Michael Demana Olentangy Orange MS
Samantha Axelrod Olentangy Orange MS
Verathai Sribanditmongkol Olentangy Orange MS
Catherine Romer Olentangy Shanahan MS
Eric Hanna Olentangy Shanahan MS
Jennifer Moore Olentangy Shanahan MS
Jill Simpson Olentangy Shanahan MS
Jody Metcalf Olentangy Shanahan MS
Lauren Lecklider Olentangy Shanahan MS
Rebecca Allen Olentangy Shanahan MS
Tim Mcgill Olentangy Shanahan MS
Amalee Dahman Scioto Ridge ES
Andrea Ljubi Scioto Ridge ES
Colleen Cromleigh Scioto Ridge ES
Emily Butte Scioto Ridge ES
Erika Pircio Scioto Ridge ES
Lisa Kedo Scioto Ridge ES
Lynn Shirk Scioto Ridge ES
Brian Frederick Transportation
Daniel Jacobs Transportation
Edward Cearley Transportation
Robert White Transportation
William Freeman Transportation
Aimee Mcelwee Tyler Run ES
Barbara Sheehan Tyler Run ES
Heidi Gunn Tyler Run ES
Katie Lukach Tyler Run ES
Kelly Green Tyler Run ES
Diane Mckenna Walnut Creek ES
Jennifer Chimbidis Walnut Creek ES
Lori Hoffman Walnut Creek ES
Michelle Seitz Walnut Creek ES
Amanda Lucas Wyandot Run ES
Amy Sievertwagner Wyandot Run ES
Emily Biddle Wyandot Run ES
Jamie Gutierrez Wyandot Run ES
Karen Parker Wyandot Run ES
Laura Kaiser Wyandot Run ES
Lisa Dobozy Wyandot Run ES
Melissa Karam Wyandot Run ES
Mo Ross Wyandot Run ES
Paula Foth Wyandot Run ES
Sara Roberts Wyandot Run ES
William Lohr Wyandot Run ES


THANK YOU! OEF “Spirit of Olentangy” Community Night Raises Record $30,000 For Grants & Scholarships!!!!!

The OEF Board of Trustees would like to say thank you to the 400 guests, our generous sponsors, food donors, and silent auction contributors for making the 8th Annual “Spirit of Olentangy” Community Night the most successful ever! The March 12, 2016 event, held at The Shops at Worthington  Place, raised $30,000 in support of OEF’s mission of Enhancing Academic Excellence in our schools.  This is a 40% increase in proceeds from the 2015 event, a remarkable result that could not have been achieved without your support.

All proceeds fund teacher grants for innovative programs that are not covered by the school system budget, and scholarships for graduating seniors in the three Olentangy High Schools.  Since 2001, OEF has distributed over $600,000 in teacher grants and scholarships.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our Presenting Sponsors for the 4th consecutive year, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center/Carepoint Lewis Center!

The evening was made extra special by The McCartney Project, led by district resident and long time supporter of OEF, John Scherer.

The food at the event was outstanding, we are truly grateful for the donations of the following food sponsors:


Powell Road


Gigis Cupcakes

Polaris Location


Cane’s Sawmill Road/Powell

1479418_10153558261730177_777008946_n  Tarantos  Panda House

Granville Brewing Company Logo

Thanks to all of our financial sponsors, we could not have achieve the record result without you!

Silver Sponsors ($2,000)


OH Sports Med small Olentangy2013

Bronze Sponsors  ($1,000)




Mike Miller

Pride Sponsors ($500)

JANE & BRYAN MARTIN FUND of The Delaware County Foundation

L&E Logo

OLSD School Board: Roger Bartz, Julie Feasel, Dave King, Kevin O’Brien, Mindy Patrick

The Tantari Family

Foundation Sponsors ($250)

Ron & Pam Bachman

Davison Orthodontics

Drama Kids of North Columbus – Steve & Holly Hanson

Dave & Amy Durtschi

Education First Credit Union

Steve & Kristen Fenker

Fran & Dave Gardner

Ryan & Emily Hatfield

Ryan & Lee Johnson

Dave King Family

Mathnasium of Powell

Andy & Tracy MacDowell

Sue Mahler & Mark Iannotta

Mike & Lisa Moore

Tim & Sue Murphy

Don Olenick, Realtor/Coldwell Banker King Thompson

Olentangy Music Booster Organization

Chris & Kathy Perry

Trousseau Bridal

Tutor Doctor – Suburban Columbus

Jim & Karen Waters

Sign Sponsors ($150)



Stay tuned to for news about upcoming events, mark your calendar for Monday, October 3rd for our 17th Annual Golf outing, and follow us on Facebook HERE.

With gratitude,

The Olentangy Education Board of Trustees

Sue Andrews

Pam Bachman, Community Night Event Chair

Krista Davis

Jack Fette

Fran Gardner, Treasurer

Ryan Johnson

Dave King

Lisa Moore

Megan Moorhead

Angela Parsons, Secretary

Kathy Perry, Vice President

Emily Robinson

Jim Waters, President